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Hull children

The Spanish Civil War 80 years on and the moving story of a former Basque refugee.

Maria Patchett was just six years old when the Luftwaffe came.

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Reunion 2015
Former refugees at an
annual reunion in London in 2015

Spanish Civil War: The child refugees Britain didn't want

Rumeana Jahangir writes on the BBC News web site:
"When the Spanish Civil War broke out 80 years ago, many people fled their homes for safety, including nearly 4,000 children evacuated to England. Parallels have been drawn with the plight of unaccompanied young Syrian refugees … their arrival followed much
debate in the UK over whether to accept them."     Read more …

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Aldridge Book
"Aldridge - Secrets from The Lodge"

This is a small publication tracing the almost unknown history of an 18th Century manor house/shooting lodge located on the fringes of Walsall. A significant portion of the book gives a focus to the period from 1937 when it provided accommodation for a minimum of 50 Spanish/Basque refugee children and their carers.

The author provides details about the arrangements made before and during the period when Aldridge Lodge provided a safe haven for children generally under 14 years of age escaping the horrors of the Spanish Civil War.

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Pendragon House

A visit to Pendragon House in Caerleon

The prize winning journalist Cristobál Ramírez*, from "Voz de Galicia" records a visit to Pendragon House in Caerleon. Read more …

* "Soy periodista, nací en Ferrol en 1952 y desde 1980 trabajo en La Voz de Galicia, periódico de A Coruña con 13 ediciones diarias, donde fui adjunto al Director. Soy premio Nacional de Periodismo (1990). Mi carrera la hice sobre todo en la sección de Internacional. Vivo al lado de Santiago. Presidí durante 20 años la Asociación Internacional de Periodistas del Camino de Santiago."

Southampton Archives

Southampton Archives

Archives are now housed at the University of Southampton.

On Monday January 4th 2016, Karen Robson, head archivist and Carmen Kilner of BC’37A, signed the documents formally passing our archives into the care of the Special Collection.

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In 1937, during the Spanish civil war, almost 4,000 children were evacuated to the UK from Bilbao. Read more …

At first they stayed in a camp at Stoneham and later in colonies throughout the UK. Read more …

We want to remember and preserve the story of these niños de la guerra in their rightful context. Read more …

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Simon Martinez


Simon Martinez

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