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Pendragon House

A visit to Pendragon House in Caerleon

The prize winning journalist Cristobál Ramírez*, from "Voz de Galicia" records a visit to Pendragon House in Caerleon. Read more …

* "Soy periodista, nací en Ferrol en 1952 y desde 1980 trabajo en La Voz de Galicia, periódico de A Coruña con 13 ediciones diarias, donde fui adjunto al Director. Soy premio Nacional de Periodismo (1990). Mi carrera la hice sobre todo en la sección de Internacional. Vivo al lado de Santiago. Presidí durante 20 años la Asociación Internacional de Periodistas del Camino de Santiago."

Peace Museum Event

Peace Museum Event

Report of the recent event at the Bradford Peace Museum in the Telegraph and Argus. Read more …

Report on the Bradford Peace Museum website. Read more …

Manningham Lane Children

Peace Museum Exhibition

This exhibition looks at the district's role in helping child refugees from the Spanish Civil War in the 1930s.

The Dr Barnardo children’s home on Manningham Lane, Bradford, and the Morton Banks Sanatorium in East Riddlesden housed children aged between five and 15 from northern Spain.

Read more in this Telegraph and Argus article

See also The Peace Museum's web site

Basque Children in Yorkshire Exhibition

Thursday 18th February 2016,17:30-20:00

Los niños vascos: Basque Children in Yorkshire 1937 Exhibition

The Peace Museum is pleased to be hosting an exhibition produced by the Basque Children of '37 Association UK which tells the often untold story of child refugees from the Spanish Civil War.

The evening will involve an opportunity to view the exhibition, followed by a screening of "The Guernica Children" a film produced in association with the BC’37A.

Entrance is free. There will be an opportunity to make a donation to support the work of both the Peace Museum and the BC’37A UK.

The evening will end with an informal Q/A session with Carmen Kilner and Adrian Bell.

More details …

Hull children

Story of the Spanish Civil War children who sought refuge in Yorkshire.

An exhibition in Bradford tells the largely forgotten story of the Basque children who came to the UK to escape the Spanish Civil War … in the Yorkshire Post, 3 February 2016.

Read more …


Read our New section in the "Reference menu" entitled "List: Niños in GB 1948"

Volunteers for Liberty

Saturday 13th February 2016,

80th Anniversary Commemoration of the International Brigades

Worthing Labour Hall, Lyndhurst Road, Worthing  BN11 2DE

Speakers; Jim Jump (IBMT Secretary): "The Worthing International Brigaders" and Manuel Moreno (IBMT Treasurer): "How Worthing came to the Aid of the Basque Children".

Read more …

Southampton Archives

Southampton Archives

Archives are now housed at the University of Southampton.

On Monday January 4th 2016, Karen Robson, head archivist and Carmen Kilner of BC’37A, signed the documents formally passing our archives into the care of the Special Collection.

More details …

Recent Gallery Additions

New Gallery Photos

Just added: a selection of photographs taken recently by Manuel Moreno

Go to gallery …

From Bilbao to Britain

New BC‘37A booklet

We are pleased to add our new, revised booklet "From Bilbao to Britain" to our list of merchandise.

This is a brief introductory overview of the history of why and how the children were evacuated to Britain, together with some information about the colonies.

The books "Only for Three Months" by Adrian Bell, and "Recuerdos" edited by Natalia Benjamin give much fuller accounts and are highly recommended for further reading.

Fully illustrated in black and white, pp16, £2 plus 75p p&p. For more details contact carmen@basquechildren.org.

General Francisco Franco

Spain feels Franco's legacy 40 years after his death

By Paul Preston, Professor of Contemporary Spanish Studies, LSE.

Spain's Gen Francisco Franco fought a brutal war against democracy with the aid of Hitler and Mussolini and thereafter presided over a regime of state terror and national brainwashing through the controlled media and the state education system. Read the full article here …

Picasso Guernica

George Steer

The reporter who told world of Guernica atrocity and inspired Picasso is hero of new film. Read more …

Thursday 29th October 2015

The Cañada Blanch Centre seminar: "The Birth of Guernica"
Gijs van Hensbergen

by Gijs van Hensbergen (Fellow of the Cañada Blanch Centre)

At 18:00 pm, Cowdray House, Portugal Street, London  WC2A 2HJ

The event is free and open to the public. Seats will be allocated on a first-come, first-served basis. See poster …

In just six weeks Picasso finished one of the most dramatic and astonishing works of the 20th Century. Inspired by the horrific news, photographs and witness statements of the bombing, Picasso feverishly tried to respond to the enormity of the catastrophe.

Much has been made of the art historical sources that inspired Picasso's choice of subject matter, but Gijs van Hensbergen seeks out and records the genesis of Picasso's masterpiece in his own earlier work and in other new unpublished sources.

The final masterpiece is a complex synthesis of Picasso's thoughts on war, chaos, the human capacity for astonishing cruelty and a coded autobiographical dissection of his complex emotional life.

Gijs van Hensbergen is a Picasso expert and specialist in Guernica and the Spanish Civil War. He has written the biography of Gaudi and is completing his forthcoming books on the Sagrada Familia and a study of the birth of American philanthropy in the arts. Over the last five years he has collaborated with Sir John Richardson on his four volume biography The Life of Picasso. www.gijsvanhensbergen.com

Basque and Syrian

1937 the Basque Children, 2015 the Syrian Children

It is naïve to think we can learn from history:

1937 Basque children were being evacuated from a devastating civil war: a reluctant British government bowed to public pressure and accepted 4,000;

2015 Syrians are being evacuated from a devastating civil war: a reluctant British government has bowed to public pressure and will accept 20,000.

Read more …

Refugees are our Football Family

Refugees are our Football Family

A recent article (9th September 2015), published on the Philosophy Football web site talks of Basque refugee football players. We've collected some notes on footballers Emilio Aldecoa, José and Antonio Gallego.

Read more …

Association Logo

Grateful thanks

We would like to thank those of you who are continuing to send donations to our Association.

Although we no longer have a formal membership we are continuing with the educational aspects - giving talks and mounting exhibitions at schools, local history societies, Universities, museums and so forth, both here and in Spain. We are also helping with the frequent requests for information and background. All these involve not only work but often incur costs, so we are truly grateful to those who continue to support us financially.

If you would like to make a donation please contact Carmen Kilner at carmen@basquechildren.org

We will shortly be putting up reports to let you know what the Association has been doing since we disbanded the membership side.

Beyond the SS Habana

"Beyond the SS Habana"

A new book

Stepping onto English shores, Josefina Suñé is uprooted from her Spanish background …

this true story unfolds as she falls in love and marries …

but her new life is destroyed when caught up in the German Occupation of France …

More details …

7th August 2015

IBCC Event in Belfast

Shankill Library, Shankill Road, Belfast

Talk by guest speaker Manuel Moreno on "The Guernica Generation"

Time: 12:00 - 14:30 with a light lunch at 12:00.

More information …

Gernika: A new film

Paying homage to civilian suffering over town that was brutally bombed during Spanish Civil War

Our readers may find the following article interesting. It is about a new film being made on the bombing of Guernica.

Read the Independent article …
IBMT 2015

4 July 2015

IBMT Annual Commemoration

International Brigade memorial, Jubilee Gardens, South Bank, London SE1 8XX

This year's commemoration takes place from 1pm-2pm (assemble from 12.30pm).

Speakers include Owen Jones, with music from Ewan McLennan and Karl Lewkowitz and poetry from Francesca Beard.

More information …

The Waiting Room

Until 30 June 2015

Exhibition - "The Waiting Room"

Instituto Cervantes, 102 Eaton Square, London SW1W 9AN

A project about the Spanish Exile in the United Kingdom. Exhibition, screenings, performance and talks see link below:


30 April 2015

From 'The Guardian’ archive, 30 April 1937: Editorial: the senseless bombardment of Guernica

Read the article here

8 March 2015

Film that tells the story of the Basque children who were evacuated to the United Kingdom during the Spanish Civil War.

Tolson Museum, Ravensknowle Park, Wakefield Road, Huddersfield HD5 8DJ

The film accompanies the exhibition "Basque Children in Yorkshire 1937" which is currently on display at the museum on Wakefield Road.

The film showing starts at 2pm and will last approximately an hour.

Afterwards, Carmen Kilner, who was instrumental in putting together the film and the exhibition, will answer questions from the audience.

Flyer for the event Note: attendance is free, but places must be reserved

More event details
01484 223830

28 March 2015

Arturo Barea: From Civil War Madrid to Exile in Oxfordshire

Talk by William Chislett. Introduced by Harry Eyres.

Part of the FT Weekend Oxford Literary Festival

Bodleian: Divinity School

Web site with further details

12 - 28 February 2015

Dance Theatre: The Typist

Glasgow, Inverness, Stornoway, Musselburgh, Cumbernauld & Edinburgh

A captivating piece of dance theatre, narrated by Alexei Sayle, featuring renowned dancers Kerieva McCormick and Raúl Prieto (formerly Ballet Flamenco Sara Baras) … accompanied by breathtaking special effects and a specially commissioned score.

This story follows one of the los niños vascos, Esperanza, a typist, twenty years later in post-war Britain, who decides to make the dangerous journey back to her past, and Franco's Spain.

Full announcement with specific times, prices and venues.

Booking: www.kam-ri.com

17 January 2015 – 29 March 2015

Exhibition: Basque children in Yorkshire 1937

Tolson Museum, Ravensknowle Park, Wakefield Road, Huddersfield HD5 8DJ

After the destruction of Guernica 4,000 children were evacuated from Spain to the UK. They were dispersed to many "colonies" across the country including one at Almondbury.

This exhibition by the Basque Children ’37 Association UK remembers and preserves the story of these children:
los niños vascos.

01484 223830

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