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Names of Niños on the "Habana"

The Habana

These lists give the Identification Number (ID) given to each niño, together with their family and given names. It also includes, where known, their age when leaving Spain, the date they left the UK and their eventual destination.

For convenience, the lists are presented in both numerical and alphabetical order. Click here for explanation of notations used

It is hoped that these lists will provide a useful resource for anyone researching family histories, or ensuring that they events of 1937 are kept alive in the collective memory.

The lists are in PDF format, and if any changes should be made I would be very grateful if you could inform us via and we will make any additions or removals as are necessary.

It may be that some people object to having their or their family's names published in this list and I would like them to contact me. I hope all the surviving niños, their children, grandchildren and relatives are able to extract some historical insight from seeing the information contained in this list and would value any feedback.

The data have been taken, from "¡Salvad a los Niños!" by Gregorio Arrien, with permission from the author.

Gerald Hoare