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Swansea, SOUTH WALES - Sketty Park

Swansea, SOUTH WALES - Sketty Park
Sketty Park, Swansea, South Wales
Initially 80 children plus 2 maestras & 2 auxiliaries
Mr. H.S. Cann
Segunda Arieto López, Pilar Luesma Yarza
Mª Felisa Fuentes Becerril,
Dolores (Lola) Lapera Sagarduy
3 July 1937
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Short notes

  • Sketty Park House was demolished in 1973 and has now become a residential area.
  • Photo of Sketty Park House - with thanks to
  • Photos of Basque refugee children - with thanks to Swansea Archives.

Articles concerning this colony

Names of Niños, Maestras & Auxiliares sent to Sketty Park colony, Swansea — compiled by Gerald Hoare

The Basque Children in Great Britain (page 11) — by Natalia Benjamin

Interview with Herminio Martínez (page 49) — David Crowe Dissertation

Newsletter items concerning this colony

Newsletter No. 15, page 5 — 'Fleeing Franco' book review by Colin Garritt

Newsletter No. 17, page 24 — New Documentary: Wales and the Basque Refugees – the children's stories with video link to

Other items of interest

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Sketty Folly © Nigel Davies :: Geograph Britain and Ireland